King Kraken


King Kraken

The Pem-Tech King Krãken (pronounced krã’-kin), named for the dark, sinister creature of ancient sea lore, is a one of a kind sport flier featuring our unique, sculpted tube-fin design. She is as much a fantastic flying machine as she is a work of art, created by you. Unlike traditional, and boring, tube fins the King Kraken sports a long leading edge tube fin with a short full tube that has been reported to be 30% more stable than square cut tube fins. Large, long and lean with sexy flowing lines, the King Krãken will be sure to turn heads at your next launch.

Kit comes complete with 3″ plastic nose cone, 3″ heavy duty body and fin tubes, Heavy Duty 38mm motor mount capable of handling F-I impulse motors, massive plywood centering rings, monstrous 10′ shock cord of 9/16″ tubular nylon, 1/4″ launch lugs, 28″ chute, sleek 1/8” laser cut ply nose canards (for that sinister Squidlyness), and our infamous Destruction Manual.


Dia: 3″
Length: 41″
Fin span: 9.3″
Motor mount: 38mm
Wt: 36 oz.

Kits are not available at this time, please check back with us. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Destructions and RockSim file available on request: helf(at)